Wall mounting

    Outdoor Switches

    GEYER IP44 and IP54 Wall Switch Series are the suitable products for all outdoor electrical installations, as well as in wet areas, where normal series of switch switches cannot be installed.

    Such spaces are, for example, the private space of the washing machine, the garage, the laboratory or the spaces for hobbies. GEYER switches can also be used in the industrial sector in parking lots and in outdoor covered dining and entertainment areas.

    Due to the wide range of products, you have all the components for the proper design of humid areas, from dimmers to blind controls.

    In the IP44 Series, single and double switches, buttons and anything else that requires a functional design of a space are available. In addition to the modern timeless design, the Series is distinguished for the use of durable and safe materials (plastic and metal), while all sockets have a porcelain base. The Series is also easy to install, due to sufficient space for the cables to pass inside the socket and the easy ‘closing’ of the switches / sockets after the connection. Finally, it presents excellent resistance to the entry of hard particles with dimensions greater than 1 mm and of course to the entry of droplets.

    The IP44 series is available in two colors, white and gray.

    The IP 54 Series also has all the functional elements for the proper design and equipment of any space. The range includes single and double switches and sockets up to switching switches as well as roller switches. It is distinguished for its special external appearance and the small dimensions of its elements. The construction materials of the series are convincing at first glance and the fast way of installation creates preconditions for significant time savings.

    The IP 54 Series is also available in two colors, white and gray.

    All elements of the Series with water protection, can be used in the temperature range from -20 ° C to + 65 ° C.

    The IP44 and IP54 Series of GEYER give you a solution to cover all your spaces with special protection from moisture.

    There is no better way to plan your electrical installation.