With the complete, quality and safe range of GEYER tools, your work becomes easier and more comfortable than ever. Listening for years to the needs of the market and trying to find a solution to the problems you face, we invest steadily in the safety and quality of our tools.

    Proof; Lifetime warranty on all our tools, which makes us the top choice of consumers.

    GEYER power tools are insulated and made of steel of special composition and high quality according to European Standards EN 60900. At the end of the production process of each insulated safety tool, a quality control is performed to ensure the specifications. All GEYER tools are GS and VDE certified.

    A key feature of all GEYER tools is the insulated handles that have been made with a special method, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock when working with current voltage protection up to 1000 volts.

    The variety of options between pliers, screwdrivers and cutters provide solutions to any professional need. The demanding tasks are completed with comfort, convenience and safety that only GEYER can offer.

    The pliers and cutters are made of high quality polished Chrome Vanadium steel, which makes them suitable for all common uses. They have strong insulation, each tested separately for resistance to 1000V voltage, as well as GS and VDE certification. Heat treatment steel with high forging and chrome coating ensures long life and durability. Finally, induction hardened blades provide greater precision, while the double grooved handle guarantees stability and safety.

    Choosing a GEYER screwdriver, cross-headed screwdriver, ordinary screwdriver or test screwdriver will significantly improve the workflow. They are made of excellent S2 steel material and strong industrial type 1000V insulation, tested according to EN60900: 2004 standards. The extremely ergonomic design of the handle allows the user to apply the maximum possible torque when screwing. GEYER screwdrivers end up extending the hand creating a close working relationship with the user. All screwdrivers are GS and VDE certified with a lifetime warranty.