Saving Automating

    Complete solution for the program Saving - Automating

    GEYER offers solutions for the total energy upgrade and autonomy of homes within the Saving-Automating program. The complete solutions supported by specialized engineers of the company both in the Design and Implementation phase, include:

    • Intelligent Home Management
    • LED Technology Lighting of
      • Offices
      • Indoor spaces
      • Outdoor spaces
    • Access Control
    • Net Metering
    • Stations Electric Car Charging
    • Heat Pumps

    Energy Saving

    GEYER provides complete Housing Management solutions, covering a wide range of their needs. An automation system in addition to saving energy that can reach up to 30% of total consumption, creates a high level of comfort and safety for those living in the house. This is achieved through pre-air conditioning of the rooms and the continuous control of the temperature of all rooms, the automatic adjustment in case of high or low temperature and the shutdown of the air conditioners in times of absence of the residents. The system also controls the quality of lighting per room and automatically switches the lights on or off.

    Finally, it undertakes to inform the owner about any kind of damage to the house. The new generation of buildings designed by GEYER , focuses on lowering their energy footprint. For both residential and commercial spaces and public buildings, the first priority has been to evaluate and then limit the energy consumption of the buildings, the easy implementation of the commands by the users and the immediate detection of errors in case of failures.


    1. Measurement of the total consumption

    of the house and statistical analyses by time, day, week, month and year. Remote update of power consumption, voltage, current, etc.

    2. Lighting control

    Remote and local, as well as monitoring the consumption of each luminaire, instantaneous and total. The lights can be turned on with motion detection or based on brightness or various automation scenarios, depending on the time of day.

    3. Remote control of electrical appliances

    Monitor their consumption and gain the ability to set a power limit at which the device stops working.

    4. Shutter or awning control

    Remote and local. Shading systems can be turned on and off based on the time of day, sunshine, meteorological forecasts and various other scenarios.

    5. Wireless smoke detector

    Audible alarm as well as remote notification with a cell phone message if a sudden rise in temperature or smoke is detected in the room.

    6. Water leak detector

    Audible alert as well as remote alert with mobile message in case of water leak detection. Leak detectors are placed in places where there may be water leakage, such as in the bathroom and the kitchen.

    7. Motion, temperature and light intensity detector

    Automatic light activation via motion detection or based on room brightness. It is also used as an alarm, with remote notification on the mobile phone or sending an email in case it detects motion. In addition to motion detection, it provides remote monitoring of temperature and brightness in the areas where the detectors are placed.

    8. Smart Thermostat

    Local and remote control of the home heating system. Remote monitoring of the set temperature and the capability of creating scenarios based on the weather, time of day, etc.

    9. Smart air conditioner control

    Remote control and automation of air conditioner operation based on room temperatures, meteorological forecasts, time of day, etc.

    10. Control garage, watering system, boiler

    Remote control and automation of garage door, watering system, boiler or any other circuit based on selected scenarios.

    Smart Home Fibaro

    GEYER Fibaro wireless automation system enables the measurement of energy consumption, monitoring and remote control of all applications that contribute to the smooth operation of any installation. The automation system can control all kinds of rooms, common areas, outdoor areas (irrigation control, outdoor lighting, swimming pools, sports facilities, etc.), domestic hot water, cold rooms, wineries, etc.

    Fibaro is fully scalable and combined with its very simple programming, allows partial installation even by the owner himself.

    The FIBARO Smart Home from GEYER , a complete, integrated, wireless Smart Home system designed to meet all your needs easily and efficiently!

    Smart Home Geyer-dS

    The GEYER-dS cable automation system is a complete proposal to upgrade a conventional home to a smart home. With the advantage of connecting through the existing wiring, it has direct application in existing installations, without further modifications. It integrates directly with all home and broadband devices and organizes devices and services plug & amp; play. The system is managed closely with any series of switching hardware via script commands and remotely via any electronic device (smartphone – tablet-laptop).

    GEYER-dS , the only system that accepts Greek voice commands , can automate all the functions of the house and manage them from anywhere, as it makes all its devices “smart”.


    At GEYER we provide lighting solutions in all types of indoor installations and especially in Offices and workplaces.

    For these applications, GEYER luminaires meet all the high quality and aesthetic requirements. Primarily they give a suitable glare index (UGR<19) for a feeling of relaxation.

    They also offer a low level of flicker (flickering<8%) and a high efficiency of >130 Lumen/Watt for great energy savings.

    All luminaires of this type are Class II (operating safety).

    Finally, they are accompanied by the appropriate Photobiological Safety tests and the EMS, LVD, CE, and ENEC Certificates for high construction and safety standards.

    It should be noted that the lighting of the workplaces shall be redesigned based on photometric studies on the level of lighting, color, uniformity, glare index, etc.

    The Department of Photographic Studies of GEYER , undertakes the phototechnical design of the project for free for all lighting applications in Offices and workplaces.

    Outdoor Spaces

    The company GEYER studied and created a series of specialized Outdoor lighting products, which are able to cover even the most demanding applications at any home.

    With these products Geyer designed and implemented a number of projects, such as general exterior lighting of houses, concealed lighting, underfloor lighting, tennis / basketball courts, swimming pools and indoor sports facilities.

    The products of GEYER are characterized by their top quality of construction and are covered by a five-year warranty of good operation.

    Their design, continuous study and upgrade, ensure top lighting efficiencies, maximum savings and excellent lighting quality.

    GEYER products provide complete solutions not only for outdoor spaces, but for any requirement that arises in the field of lighting of a sports facility at home, supporting the project from the stage of initial design to the control of the correct placement and use of products.

    Indoor spaces

    The lighting of the interiors of the houses is an extremely important infrastructure for the modern, comfortable and safe operation of a house.

    The company GEYER has developed for the Lighting of the interiors of houses a series of luminaires for the replacement of the traditional lamps with LEDs of the latest technology that can reach an efficiency of up to 130lm/W, a wide variety of types to cover of housing needs with different characteristics, more than 5 years of life of luminaires and almost zero maintenance costs.

    The lighting fixtures of GEYER for indoor lighting, achieve electricity savings of more than 75% and the installation is done only after Lighting Studies.

    The different types of lighting distribution make them ideal for use in rest areas, cooking areas, etc.

    Indoor lighting harmoniously combines elegant design with the most advanced technology in the field of LEDs. With traditional and modern design, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, they are the ideal solution for installation in modern homes.

    Access Control

    The FARFISA Digital System requires the use of only 2 non-polarized single cables for its operation.

    It has the ability to cover a large number of external and internal stations (boutonnieres – monitors – intercoms) even over long distances. It also has the ability to connect to an IP gateway, which gives us remote management of the System.

    In this way the System allows calls to be made from the boutonniere and the user to answer, receive the image of the visitor in real time, start the conversation, open the door, even from remote locations via mobile or landline ( VOIP).

    It also enables connection with external cameras, fixed telephony and various automations (command relays).

    The System finally enables wireless communication, through only an external unit (boutonniere), a power supply and a SIM card. Covers from 1 to 68 calls with conventional buttons and 200 users using keypad.

    Each button can dial 3 different numbers in a row (mobile – landline).

    Electric Car Charging Stations

    The partnership between GEYER and ABL Germany, one of the leading charging station manufacturers in Europe, enables the Greek market to install stations that will contribute to the protection, maintenance and the long-term and proper operation of the electric vehicle of each user.

    GEYER offers charging stations for single-phase and three-phase network as well as DC chargers.

    The chargers meet all the requirements of private and professional uses and are ideal for public installations. Their advanced software allows the creation of a local network (master / slave) and enables different charges to different categories of users (municipal employees, individuals, etc.).

    Prioritizing the “user-vehicle-installation” safety triptych, the convenient operation of the chargers and the reduction of unnecessary electricity consumption, the engineers of GEYER eMobility design technologically advanced charging stations to meet the needs of any installation.

    The company’s chargers have been installed in thousands of applications in Europe, all over the Nordic countries and in the cities of Munich and Nuremberg.

    Net Metering

    At GEYER we support you in all phases of a Photovoltaic Station in your home: From the sizing of the Photovoltaic, the licensing and construction of the project to the financing of the installation.

    The company evaluates the real and future needs of the house in energy and proposes the economically correct combination of equipment that is necessary for its efficient operation.

    The company implements Net Metering projects in private homes, always proposing high-demand equipment, given that it is an official distribution channel for leading companies abroad. With the Net Metering regime, the producer can either offset the energy produced by the PV, or use it for self-consumption.

    Photovoltaic systems therefore, as a renewable energy source, offer free energy to a building, covering a large part of its consumption required for its operation.

    Given that specific self-consumption, such as charging the electric car or consuming the heat pump, can create conditions for synchronization of production and energy consumption, the benefit of the combined use of the Net Metering system, electric drive and heat pumps is extremely high.

    GEYER offers complete solutions for the installation of photovoltaic systems, which in combination with the use of electric vehicles and / or heat pumps are the ideal energy saving solution for every user.

    Heat pumps

    Heat Pumps are an energy efficient system for heating and cooling private and public spaces.

    They can be installed in new or existing homes and connected to existing radiators, underfloor heating and cooling as well as Fan Coils.

    In recent years, the rapid development of inverter technology has allowed the manufacture of high-efficiency and small heat pumps at low production costs.

    At the same time, the continuing increase in the price of fuels traditionally used for heating homes (oil, natural gas, etc.) in combination with the ever-decreasing cost of acquiring heat pumps, makes heat pumps a more advantageous choice for heating. of modern housing.

    Heat pumps can meet the needs of heating, cooling and hot water production for applications in single-family homes, small and medium-sized buildings as well as hotel units.

    Combining heat pumps with Net Metering applications to generate clean electricity is a great way – economically and ecologically – to meet your heating and cooling needs.

    GEYER, based on a strategic partnership with SAMSUNG, has implemented dozens of applications that combine the installation of heat pumps and Photovoltaic Net Metering in public and private buildings.

    The additional application of “Smart Technologies” in these facilities, can eliminate the cost of heating and cooling even in the most energy demanding buildings.