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    GEYER HELLAS S.A (Privacy Policy)


    GEYER considers the protection of the security and privacy of your personal data to be highly important. Η προστασία της ασφάλειας και του απορρήτου των προσωπικών δεδομένων σας είναι σημαντική για την GEYER. When you use GEYER services you entrust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. This is important. We hope you will take the time to read it carefully.

    Why do we ask you to share your personal data

    We ask that you share with us your personal data for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

    • Purchasing GEYER Products Online,
    • Activating or Subscribing to Specific Products or Improving Functionality,
    • Downloading Information on GEYER Products and Services,
    • Joining GEYER Online Communities, including Social Networking Channels / Blogs,
    • Storage your preferences for future interactions and communications with GEYER,
    • Contributing to product development and creating campaigns tailored to you, optimizing customer service and constantly improving our web sites.
    • Contributing to improve products and services and enable GEYER to keep you up-to-date on or testing new products and services,
    • Resolving consumer and / or product problems,
    • Receiving personalized messages, special offers and ads related to your personal interests, based on the information you share with us and the information we collect through cookies or similar techniques regarding the use of websites / social media / blogs by GEYER.

    Purpose of use

    We usually use your personal data that you provide us to answer your queries, process your order, or provide you with access to specific information or offers. Moreover, to support our customer relationship with you:

    • we may store and process personal data, and share it with our partner companies worldwide, to better understand your business needs and how we can improve our products and services, or
    • we ( or a third party on our behalf) may use personal information to contact you about a GEYER offer that supports your business needs or ή to conduct online n research to better understand the needs of our customers.

    If you choose not to allow the use of your personal data to support our customer relationship (especially for direct marketing or market research), we will respect your choice. We do not sell or market your personal information to third parties other than GEYER partner companies.

    Kind of personal data that we collect

    When you interact with GEYER, for example when you register at the site, purchase a product or interact through the GEYER Pages (eg when you like our Facebook pages), we may ask or obtain certain data such as:

    • Your name,
    • Your email address,
    • Your mailing address,
    • Your phone number,
    • Your social media profile,
    • Your gender,
    • Your age,
    • Information about the products you purchased,
    • Your use and activity on GEYER Pages,
    • Your Interests, and Other Information Related to Your Behavior on the Internet.

    Furthermore, depending on the settings you have selected on the various social media sites and your settings on the GEYER Pages, some of your personal information about your online activities and social media profiles may be disclosed to GEYER (e.g. eg interests, marital status, gender, username, photo, comments you posted, etc.).

    We may also collect personal data through cookies or similar techniques, such as:

    • Your IP address,
    • Your cookie ID,
    • Your browser,
    • Your location,
    • The websites you visit on our sites,
    • The ads you see or click on,
    • etc.

    Different ways of collecting your personal data.

    You may disclose your personal data to GEYER in a number of ways, including for instance when you:

    • Register as a member of;
    • State the product you purchased,
    • Communicate with GEYER. Such data may include products or services and include the contents of your inquiries to us or requests you make to us;
    • Contact a GEYER Customer Support representative by email, phone or mail;
    • Order a product;
    • Participate in an offer, game or contest;
    • Engage in social media activity related to GEYER promotional activities (for example, when you say you like or share such action);
    • Request a message on your mobile phone phone / device;
    • Subscribe to GEYER Newsletter;
    • Send a completed response card that came with the GEYER product you purchased Voluntary product testing or surveys;
    • Log in via social networking accounts (e.g., using your Facebook account credentials or LinkedIn for creating an account or for login);
    • When you use products and / or applications linked to GEYER; you may be asked if you wish to disclose your data to GEYER (e.g. disclosure of your usage or location data);
    • Cookies stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our sites,
    • Social Listening Tracking: GEYER may search for relevant and published content on the Internet , and use it to improve its products and services, solve consumer problems, and deliver personalized ads.

    GEYER may also obtain your personal information if you are a customer of a company that cooperates with GEYER. We may also hold personal data when we buy another company to which you are a customer.

    Disclosure of personal data to third parties

    We may disclose your personal information to service providers, corporate partners, and others in accordance with applicable law.

    For example, GEYER may sell a product or offer a service as part of a joint marketing effort with another company (corporate partner). We’ll let you know about such a relationship with other companies, as well as who these companies are, before processing your data for the purpose of a joint marketing effort.

    If the law requires us to obtain your consent, or if for any other reason we deem it necessary in some cases, we will obtain your consent before we disclose your personal data.

    Agreements with these corporate partners will limit the purposes for which your personal data may be used and disclosed, and will require adequate protection of your personal data.

    GEYER will only disclose personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and / or when required by applicable law.

    GEYER may sell a business or part of a business to another company. This transfer of ownership may include the transfer of your personal data to the buyer, which are directly related to the particular business.

    Your rights

    Once you submit your personal data to GEYER, you have reasonable access to this information so that you can update, modify it, or, if applicable, delete it. For GEYER, you can do this by logging into your account and going to “personal settings”, where you can also change your preferences about how GEYER communicates with you.

    We will also give you the option to “deny” when necessary and we will comply with local law.

    We advise you to update your personal settings and personal information, as well as to keep it up to date.

    Your choices

    We want to get to know you better so that we can serve you better and at the same time respect your choices about how we use your personal data.
    Your personal data may be transferred from your country to other GEYER companies located in different parts of the world. These companies may contact you for GEYER products, services, or special offers that may interest you. If required by local law, we will ask for your prior consent to the transfer of your personal data outside your geographical area.

    If you do not want us to send you personalized offers or information, you can let us know by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the signup form or reply card, or by selecting the “deny” box in the emails you receive.

    If required by local law, we will ask that you select the “consent” box or give your explicit consent to the processing of your personal data. For example, when required by local law, we will only send you newsletters (if you subscribe to them). Likewise, when required by local law, we will ask that you select the “consent” box before using sophisticated profile creation techniques.

    Since GEYER sells thousands of products in hundreds of countries, you may have already disclosed your personal data to us through a response card, call center or otherwise. Your current decision not to register does not affect the personal data you have already submitted to GEYER. Of course, you can always unsubscribe from any targeted communication with GEYER or change your personal profile data.

    Enable “Do not track”

    GEYER takes privacy and security very seriously, and strives to prioritize users of our site in all areas of our business. GEYER uses cookies to help you make the most of GEYER’s Pages.

    Please note that GEYER does not currently use any technical solution that would enable us to respond to “Do not Track” signals in your browser. However, in order to manage your cookie preferences, you can change your cookie settings from your browser settings at any time. You may accept all or certain cookies. If you disable GEYER cookies in your browser settings, some sections of our site may not work. For example, you may have trouble connecting or making online purchases.

    You can find out more about how to change the browser settings for your browser from the list below:

    Flash cookies are also used on GEYER pages. You can remove Flash cookies from your Flash Player settings. Depending on your version of Internet Explorer (or other browser) and the media player you are using, you may be able to manage Flash cookies with your browser. You can manage Flash Cookies through the Adobe website. Please note that limiting the use of Flash Cookies may affect the features available to you.

    Social media

    If you are involved in various social forums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc., you will need to know and understand the tools provided by these sites to choose how your personal data will be shared to to your corresponding profiles.

    Furthermore, depending on the settings you have selected on the various social media sites and / or in combination with your settings on the GEYER Pages, some of your personal information about your online activities and profiles may be disclosed to GEYER social media (e.g., interests, marital status, gender, username, photo, comments and content you have posted / shared etc.).


    Links to other websites

    As you browse the GEYER websites, you may come across links to other sites for practical and informational reasons. These sites may operate independently of GEYER and may have their own privacy statements, statement, representations and privacy policies. We recommend that you read them to understand how your personal data are processed in relation to these sites, as GEYER is not responsible for the content of sites owned or managed by another company, nor for use or privacy policies of these sites.


    GEYER may store your personal data in a cloud. This means that your personal data may be processed by a cloud service provider on behalf of GEYER and your personal data may be stored in different locations around the world. GEYER uses organizational and contractual measures to protect personal data and to impose similar requirement, however in no case less restrictive, on GEYER cloud service providers, including requirements for the exclusive processing of your personal data for the above purposes.

    Protection of your personal data

    We acknowledge and take seriously our responsibility to protect the personal data you trust in us from loss, misuse or unauthorized access. GEYER uses various security technologies and organization processes to help protect your personal data. For example, we use access controls, firewalls, and secure servers while encrypting certain types of data, such as financial information and other sensitive data.

    Special information for parents

    Although GEYER’s Web sites are not generally intended for children under the age of 16, GEYER’s policy complies with the law where a parent or guardian’s permission is required prior to the collection, use or disclosure of child information.

    GEYER recommends that parents actively monitor their children’s online activities.

    Changes to this Privacy policy

    The services provided by GEYER are constantly evolving. The form and nature of these services may change from time to time without notice. For this reason, we reserve the right to periodically make changes or additions to this Privacy policy. Any material revisions will be posted on our websites.

    In order to inform you of any significant changes to this Privacy policy, we will post a clear notice on our Privacy policy page. The date of the last update will be indicated at the top of the policy. We encourage you to visit the site frequently to read the latest version of the policy.

    The new Cookies policy will be effective upon posting. If you do not agree with the revised policy, you will have to change your preferences or discontinue using the GEYER pages. If you continue accessing or using our Services after these changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the revised Cookies policy.

    How to contact GEYER

    Contact us at or go to the contact page.