Power Strips

    Power Strips and advantages

    The power strips enable the supply of electricity to a large number of electrical appliances. There are power strips with on / off switch with lighting, child safety, USB, overvoltage protection, master / slave function and many other features.

    Also for the best fixing of the sockets, e.g. on the wall or the workbench, they bear screw slots. Alternatively, the power strips can be secured very well using cable connectors (bundles).

    Therefore, there are many types of power strips, suitable for all different needs.

    Power strip with surge protection

    These power strips can protect your devices from power outages such as overvoltages, side effects from lightnings or various other line disturbances.

    What is an overvoltage power strip?

    Overvoltages are all voltages that exceed for a short time the mains voltage limit value. Without effective protection, overvoltages damage sensitive electronic components in the circuits of connected devices.

    What are the causes of these overvoltages?

    The most dangerous causes of overvoltages are very high voltage spikes, which are caused by indirect lightnings. The overvoltages of electricity reach the electricity network of the house and then the devices that are connected to it. Overvoltages can also reach computer systems, video and hi-fi devices via telephone lines and antenna lines, destroying these devices if they do not have proper protection.

    Why is overvoltage protection so important?

    Overvoltage and electromagnetic surge protection can be achieved by using power strips used between the power supply and the appliance. These ensure that dangerous overvoltages are diffused on the ground and thus protect the connected devices.

    Power socket with Master / Slave function

    These power strips have a handy system for on / off operation of sockets, which works as follows:

    By turning on or off the device, which is connected to the red socket (master), all devices that are connected to the other sockets (slave) are activated or turned off automatically. This option is suitable for anyone who wants to save electricity in a comfortable way.

    Power strips with switch on / off

    These are sockets that have a safety switch that illuminates and can turn on / off all the sockets. There are power strips where each socket has a separate switch.

    Power strips with USB

    The power strips with USB connection must be differentiated between a USB hub and a USB charger.

    When it comes to a USB hub, you can connect devices such as a keyboard, a mouse, a printer, a USB stick and a USB hard drive. Once connected to these USB ports, you can “distribute” but not charge.

    Power strips with USB chargers, on the other hand, have the ability to charge electronic devices such as smartphones or cameras. The USB charging function for a power strip is available with either a maximum total charging current of 2100mA or 3100 mA.

    USB C Power Sockets

    Power supply means something like ” fast charge “. With Power Delivery technology, the connected devices, such as laptops, smartphones or tablets, can charge up to 70% faster. The USB C port is used for this purpose, which means that you need a charger that supports USB-C and you get the fastest way of charging.

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