Maintaining their classic aesthetics, NILSON switches continue to impress with their timeless elegance. Their minimal form, as well as the high level of user-friendliness, due to the curved surfaces and clean structure, still impress architects and manufacturers.


    The variety of colors and materials give pleasant touches to the spaces and create an unrivaled feeling of freshness. The exceptional quality and uniqueness of the colors of the NILSON series switches determine the spaces in which the installation will take place and give a unique elegance. Harmony is a key element in their design and the subtle coloring in plastic, combined with the organic form, turn the light switches into special aesthetic and living accessories.

    Switches may seem like a simple choice, but at the same time they are a special element that characterizes the space, whether it is a room, an office, a living room, or even a corridor. The decoration of each space must be meticulous to the last touch, and the small visual details are what make the difference!

    Choosing the right switch will give harmony and view to the space, whether it is home or professional. The new modern series of NILSON circuit breakers uniquely combines the timeless with the modern design, offering top quality and high aesthetics in the interior decoration of the space.

    The wide variety of colors available to you enables you to create the combination of your dreams and meet all your requirements. NILSON switches are the ideal choice if you want to complement the existing decorative style or decorate a space from scratch.

    The complete range combined with the multiple color options make the NILSON series of switches the ideal choice for any home or business. Available in 6 different colors (white, black, silver, satin, anthracite and black) and ideally complement the idea of decorating and highlighting your space.