Public Lighting


    The lighting of the streets and of the Public spaces in general is of exceptional importance for the modern, comfortable and safe operation of a city. Public lighting, or Municipal lighting, is also an important factor in the aesthetic image, the environmental footprint and the attractiveness of the city. There is a need for a complete study of redesign and complete upgrade of the city street lighting. It is necessary to determine the specific requirements for street lighting and use the most modern technologies, along with a large scale of energy and resource savings.

    The installation of the integrated modern street lighting system with LED lamps or LED luminaires and intelligent remote management throughout the road network constitutes an extensive horizontal upgrade of the city and many important goals are achieved at the same time:

    • Radical improvement and upgrade of lighting, especially in the neighborhoods, where many areas of our city are heavily illuminated.
    • Great energy savings of even more than 70% by utilizing the possibilities of adjusting lighting. Energy saving on the one hand implies large and continuous savings of financial resources for the Municipality, on the other hand contributes to the improvement of the environment. The main reason is that it reduces the emission of pollutants that cause the greenhouse effect.
    • Enhancing the safety of drivers and pedestrians, as well as the sense of safety of residents.
    • The Municipality acquires an intelligent infrastructure that provides the possibility of direct total image, control, supervision and intervention in the entire street lighting network.
    • The possibility of direct intervention for maintenance of the lighting system is decisively improved. The information for damage or problem in a luminaire will be provided immediately in real time.
    • A sustainable infrastructure is created in the Municipality with characteristics of high durability, long life and minimal maintenance requirements for many years.
    • The attractiveness of the city is enhanced, and consequently the local entrepreneurship and the sustainable urban mobility in the city.


    The company GEYER has developed for the Municipal Lighting a series of luminaires to replace the traditional lamps that offer:

    • State-of-the-art LEDs that can reach an efficiency of up to 180lm / W.
    • Large variety of lenses to meet the needs of streets with different geometric characteristics.
    • More than 10 years of life of luminaires and almost zero maintenance costs, since there is no need to replace the bulbs as in conventional luminaires.
    • The installation for future conversion of lighting fixtures in smart city areas with the simple addition of a controller.

     Replacing conventional luminaires with LED luminaires has many additional advantages for the protection of the environment and health:

    • Reduce light pollution by using lenses for the correct direction of light
    • Better levels of lighting and uniformity that reduces eye strain and driver fatigue study basis
    • They do not contain toxic chemicals (such as mercury)
    • They do not produce ultraviolet light that attracts insects


    The proposed study and replacement method has been widely applied in various cities in Europe. Two of our most successful pilot projects in Essex and Cheshire, UK. Specifically, in each of the above areas, a replacement of 500 luminaires was carried out on a pilot basis. The final energy saving by selecting the luminaires after detailed photometric was estimated at about 85%, while studies for 1: 1 replacement had calculated energy savings of 65%. In both Essex and Cheshire, as well as in other areas (Buckinghamshire and Bracknell), the method was considered standard and the Municipalities replaced all lighting fixtures in excess of 10,000 per area.

    According to the technical services of the municipalities, the pilot projects were successful as they offered great savings for the municipality not only due to the reduced energy consumption but also due to the almost negligible need for maintenance costs.


    Street lighting fixtures achieve more than 70% electricity savings compared to classic Sodium and Mercury Light Fixtures, with different types of lighting distribution making them ideal for use on expressways, urban roads, residential and industrial areas and parking lots. more demanding conditions, are the ideal solution for installation in squares, parks, sidewalks and marinas.