The company GEYER has been active in the field of lighting for more than 20 years. The strategic choice of the company to invest in lighting was of major importance, as today it is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and marketing of lamps and luminaires.


    GEYER lamps are the first choice of consumers, as they offer lighting solutions for every need. Their application is intended for home lighting or professional luminaires. The wide range of fluorescent lamps and LED lamps will definitely give you the lighting and aesthetics you need. Choose the flooring of your choice, based on the space you want to illuminate.

    • Warm lighting color 2700K or 3000K
    • White lighting color 4000K
    • Cool lighting color 6500K



    The main feature that defines a lamp is its shape. Candle lamp, classic lamp, spherical lamp, tubular lamp are some of the options you have to apply to your lamps. The series of lamps Filament Transparent, Filament Matt and Filament Vintage give the possibility of decoration and architectural lighting, in dining, leisure and home areas. They stand out for the quality of construction and the diversity of their designs. Dimming lamps make it possible to adjust the amount of lighting in our space simply with a dimmer. T8 fluorescent lamps and T8 LED lamps cover the needs of industrial spaces, offices, public spaces, schools. Lamps for special applications such as pool lamp, outdoor lamp and low voltage lamp are some of the products that confirm the know-how and experience of GEYER. All lamps are covered with a guarantee of good operation of up to 5 years.



    GEYER has developed unique lighting solutions for home or professional use. GEYER luminaires are the solution for lighting. Innovative Lighting Fixtures have evolved that provide solutions to even the most demanding architectural applications.

    Important stations are the rail lighting system in combination with the INNOVA Linear Luminaires, it provides solutions in any commercial space, both in general and in directed lighting. Plaster Luminaires and Spots are the ideal solution for architectural creations in both homes and projects with special requirements, while Pendants, hanging luminaires stand out for their quality, simplicity and aesthetics. The series of headlights and panels with a guarantee of up to 5 years complete the range of LED lights by GEYER.

    Outdoor lighting meets the high quality requirements of private and public spaces and offers with their elegance and solidity architectural masterpieces. The department of phototechnical studies, consists of well-trained engineers, where they undertake the elaboration of a phototechnical study. The tradition and experience of GEYER company in the production of products, allows it to research and implement custom luminaire constructions, thus covering any architectural requirement.