Sports Lighting


    The company GEYER studied and created a series of specialized lighting products for sports facilities, which are able to cover even the most demanding applications. With these products he designed and implemented a number of projects such as a tennis court, Olympic stadiums, pan-European and world football courts.

    GEYER products are characterized by their top quality construction and are covered by a five-year warranty of good operation. They are manufactured according to the strictest European directives and international technical standards. Their design, continuous study and upgrade, ensures top lighting efficiencies, maximum economy for the user and excellent lighting quality.

    GEYER products provide complete solutions not only for the arena, but for any requirement that arises in the field of lighting of a sports facility.


    The advantages of upgrading sports facilities to GEYER LED technology lighting are the following:

    • Excellent lighting quality, with uniformity that in many cases exceeds 95% (with a UEFA limit of 70%)
    • The energy savings that can reach up to 85% in some cases,
    • The immediate ignition of the stadium lights without a warm-up delay,
    • The possibility of using a control console to create visual effects for spectators during the race,
    • The possibility of lower intensity lighting scenarios (eg training) without affecting the uniformity of lighting and without burdening a certain number of projectors with operating hours,
    • Reducing plant maintenance costs and
    • Reducing CO2 emissions.


    GEYER has a specialized design department for sports facilities, which consists of experienced and technically trained engineers. The executives of the company support its client in every stage of the project, in the lighting study, the photometry, even the installation and targeting of the luminaires during the implementation of the project. Its engineers also develop alternative technical and economic solutions to better adapt the result to the user’s requirements.

    GEYER’s know-how and experience in sports facilities is a guarantee of quality for any project, regardless of size.


    GEYER has in recent years completed an extremely large number of sports facilities with a huge range of applications from small private stadiums to top national sports facilities of all types.

    Among the most important projects of the company in Greece are the stadium of PAE Aris (Kleanthis Vikelidis) in Thessaloniki, the indoor basketball court of Hephaestus in Lemnos, the swimming pool of Alimos and the indoor basketball court of Elefsina in Attica, the stadium of Chalkida, the stadium of Chalkida of the Aegean, the outdoor stadiums and parking of the Karaiskaki stadium, etc.

    At the design stage, a number of Super League and Premier League football pitches, the stadium of Steaua Bucharest and a number of other sports facilities have been studied.