Interio is a series that offers a wide range of functions. Including circuit breakers and bipolar sockets, rheostats, bipolar TV-FM-SAT sockets, RJ11 and RJ45 connectors, and multimedia plugs. All functional elements are designed as modular. Modular desing allows centralized monitoring from one location and at the same time allows you to save space, find your own combinations and add items later. In addition to the functional modules, empty modules of half or full width modules are also available. The design ensures the implementation of all safety requirements set by the international standards.

    The modular system is suitable for use when adapting to existing buildings thanks to the two-seater support frame integrated in the standard ⌽60mm box.

    The 2-position support frame can be mounted with bolts and claws. This ensures the alignment of the functional positions (modules) When installation takes place in new buildings, the modular installation method implies the use of 3 positions, 4 positions, 7 positions while 2X7 position components can also be used.


    The perfect choice of colors and the high quality of the materials give the possibility of amazing combinations that do not go unnoticed. The discreet elegance of white and ivory is the simplicity that stands out. A combination of white and dark charcoal creates a feeling of volume reduction. The Interio series and the perfect form of glossy surfaces to match any style. The perfect glitter effect of the frames is available in three colors. Decorative frames made of ABS with galvanized coating, available in nickel, satin, gold and chrome.

    Frames of exceptional aesthetics with wood coating made of plastic are available in shades of ebony, mahogany, natural wood, wenge, walnut, rosewood, wood, wood veneer, oak and melia (ash), and with wood coating with gold plating of 24 carats.


    Interio LED dimmer rheostats include programmable smart rheostats with A / R switches and rotating light adjustment. These rheostats are based on advanced lighting dimming technology to achieve the highest level of rheostat efficiency for any given load.

    Advanced phase cut dimmers are designed to handle fluctuating LED bulbs. It is possible to optimize the lighting dimming efficiency with a LED lamp by programming one of its three modes to adjust the rheostat to the load and avoid flickering. In addition, the dimmers have the ability to adjust the minimum lighting level to achieve the optimal lighting adjustment range for LEDs.

    If the lamps flicker when their light intensity is reduced to a minimum, the specified minimum light level may be increased to avoid flickering. If the light level is stronger than desired, when the light intensity is reduced to the minimum, the set minimum may be reduced. In case of changing the LEDs, the dimmers have the option to return to the factory settings.

    The dimmers are designed for use with most LED bulbs that have the ability to fluctuate their light intensity with 230V or with low voltage dimmers with an electronic transformer. In addition, the rheostats can be used for incandescent and 230V halogen lamps as well as for 12V low voltage halogen lamps with electronic or toroidal transformers.


    A modular element is installed inside a support frame with manual insertion. All modular components, with the exception of the Schuko bipolar socket element, can be installed without removing the plastic cover. Modular components can be easily removed from the mounting frame with a screwdriver so that the terminals are always accessible at the front. The support frame remains attached to the installation box. All modular components, with the exception of the Schuko bipolar socket element, can be removed without removing the plastic cover. At the back, the entire support frame is reinforced with a mesh that strengthens it. The fastening of the cover is completed with the support holes that increase the resistance of the whole fastening system. Conical non-standard mounting points ensure significant flexibility of the installations as they allow the immediate installation on any surface, even on panels and profiles where the use of boxes is not foreseen or where it is impossible.

    • The frame is installed without the use of a tool by inserting it into the support frame.
    • The frame removal holes allow easy access to the screwdriver and the frame can be unmounted without damage.