Smart home, necessity not luxury…

    Smart home is a home that helps us live our lives the way we want and strong > adapts to our behaviors.
    It is a home that provides important information to each member of the family and simplifies their daily activities.
    With the wide range of products and features of the FIBARO system, your home now takes care of your comfort and safety .

    Τι μπορείτε να κάνετε με το σύστημα FIBARO;

    Anything you wish….

    Γιατί το σύστημα της FIBARO από την GEYER σας ταιριάζει απόλυτα;

    Υπάρχουν αμέτρητοι λόγοι για να επιλέξετε το σύστημα FIBARO.

    How does GEYER's FIBARO smart system work?

    FIBARO has Z-Wave devices connected to a central HUB and devices compatible with Apple Homekit.

    If you are interested to install the Smart Home system FIBARO, get in contact with us through the webiste form or with someone from the various Certified Installers in all areas of Greece.

    Certified Installers