Telematics System for Schools of the Municipality of Athens

    The Pilot programs of the Municipality of Athens create the first Schools in Greece to be using artificial intelligence. They now have the ability to

    • record the consumption of electrical appliances and luminaires
    • secure and protect vulnerable electrical appliances,
    • manage the energy based on ecology and savings
    • provide security and comfort to teachers and students.


    Implementation of a system application

    GEYER’s FIBARO system has been installed in 5 schools for the purpose of remote or local management, as well as to save energy and money. Each school has:

    • a central unit for its remote management, with the ability to monitor consumption in real time as well as the creation of automation scenarios.
    • 15 modules, in all rooms , which monitor the lighting (fluorescent lamps with mechanical transformers), allowing the existing local management but also the remote one via computer / mobile as well as the measurement of energy consumption at any given time.
    • 15 sockets for measuring consumption, saving energy and protecting vulnerable electrical appliances such as computers – video monitors – projectors – kettles, etc.

    The basic functions of the system, the benefits that schools and the Municipality of Athens gain is described below.


    1. Energy saving and ecology

    All school electrical appliances, such as computers, projectors, printers, air conditioners, televisions, forgotten chargers, etc., will no longer be in standby mode, but will automatically close when school is closed and will open automatically during school hours. The lights will be adjusted according to the needs of the school and will not work unnecessarily. Corridors that are naturally lit will not be lit by light bulbs or fixtures if it is sunny outside. The exterior lights will not light up during the daytime. Rooms with double lighting will be able to turn on and off their lights depending on the natural lighting conditions. Finally, with the creation of appropriate automation scenarios, it will be possible to turn off the forgotten lights and electrical appliances when the school is closed.


    2. Protection of vulnerable electrical appliances

    Due to the ability to isolate vulnerable appliances from the mains, their lifespan is greatly increased. This is achieved since between the device and the electrical network there will be mediated the smart socket of the GEYER FIBARO system which makes the device completely inactive during the hours that the school is closed, therefore protecting it from mains surges, lightnings, etc.


    3. Safety and comfort

    Each socket installed has a light (LED ring light) that changes colors depending on the electrical charge passing through it. This determines which electrical appliances are environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption and which are energy consuming, due to the high WATTAGE consumed. In case a device with high consumption is used, the GEYER FIBARO smart socket recognizes it, changes color and in case of danger stops supplying it, providing protection from fire, overheating of cables and so on. Also, each wall-mounted switch installed, can be adapted to the specific needs of the user. For example, the switch of the teacher’s office is programmed in such a way that with one press it turns off the lights in the specific space (use before the new installation), while with a long press it commands to turn off all the lights in the classrooms through wireless communication.


    Typical example of 43rd General High School of Athens Asprogerakas

    The situation before the installation of GEYER’s FIBARO System

    The classrooms did not have switches to turn on the lights. The lights were turned on by the teachers in the morning, raising the general fuse in the electrical panel. This means that the lighting was turned on in all the rooms and corridors, regardless of whether these spaces are used. The lights were on until a teacher, late at noon, turned off the general fuse when all the classrooms were empty.

    The situation after the installation of the GEYER FIBARO System

    The lighting in the corridors is turned on only when necessary, ie only when there is not enough sunlight. An external socket and a button were installed in each room and now the teacher can control the corresponding lights in their classroom without affecting the lighting in the other classrooms and without having to get to the electrical panel. This conversion was performed without any additional electrical work and wiring.


    4. Simulation of presence to prevent intruders

    It is possible to create scenarios so that some lights in the school are turned on and off automatically and at indefinite intervals, in order to simulate the existence of a continuous presence, to prevent any potential intruders from entering the school.


    5. Consumption Recording and Evaluation

    Through the system there is the capability to monitor the consumption of lighting and electrical appliances where the GEYER FIBARO smart system has been installed. In addition to instantaneous consumption, the hourly, weekly, monthly and annual consumption of the devices can be monitored. Also, there is the possibility to present the consumption in values, displaying the expenditure that we have in each consumption. Finally, through appropriate graphs, we can display the devices and lights that have high consumption in order to replace them. This is usually the case with lights due to their age.


    6. Remote Management – Telematics System

    The remote monitoring and management of such an intelligent School can be done from any computer, tablet or mobile phone, from anywhere in the world and from many users at the same time. To gain remote access a user simply needs to have created an account by registering an email and password and being accepted as a user by the system administrator. Usually we appoint the Headmaster as the manager. The administrator can delete and create as many users as needed, grant them limited rights to use the application, and access specific areas of the installation. For example, the computer science teacher may only have remote access to the lighting and electrical appliances in the computer room. There is also the possibility of real-time monitoring and management, which devices / lights are on or off, when they were last activated, for how long they were activated and who activated them (eg user 1 or the administrator). Finally, the administrator can manage the system scenarios or create new automations, which are integrated according to the needs of teachers and students.


    7. Communication and User Friendliness

    In such a Smart System, two-way communication between the system and its users could not be missing. The system can inform via email or through the mobile application for any event of your choice or all, such as e.g. that an outlet is overloaded or that some lights in a room are off. It is also possible for the system to ask the administrator for confirmation before any action, such as, “Should I turn off the aisle lights because it is sunny?”. Finally, the system provides the user with an easy, understandable and multifaceted management environment, thus making system control very simple.


    8. System extensions


    Automatic heating control

    Possibility of remote activation and deactivation of the heating system as well as monitoring of the temperature of each room.

    Automatic oil check

    Oil level check and alert in case of low level.

    Alarm integration

    Possibility of remote arming and disarming of the alarm, notification in case of violation as well as creation of various panic scenarios with the lights.

    CCTV system

    Ability to control the monitor at the school entrance via a monitor or mobile phone and the ability to open a door remotely.



    Now with the cooperation of the Municipality of Athens – GEYER HELLAS, teachers and students do not have to adapt to the requirements of an old school, rather the school is modernized and adapted to their needs.

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