FARFISA ( Fabbriche Riunite di Fisarmoniche) was founded in 1946 by the merger of 3 companies for the production of mouth organs and accordions.

    In the late 50’s he started designing and manufacturing record-players.

    In the early 60’s pioneering studies of electronic devices made Farfisa the first company in the world to mass-produce electronic instruments with 1800 employees. Their products will play a decisive role in the rock era with many bands and artists using them ( Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Genesis, Frank Zappa , Elton John etc .).

    In 1967 it becomes one of the first companies to design and develop the first intercom system in Italy and abroad.

    Technological superiority of FARFISA

    Ασύρματη επικοινωνία MyCOM

    The ALBA outdoor unit and a power supply are all we need to have a complete and reliable wireless communication system.

    It is easy to install and program and requires a SIM (nano) card to operate.

    It covers from 1 to 68 calls with conventional buttons and 200 users using keypad.

    Each button can dial 3 different numbers (mobile – landline).

    The system administrator can control, either locally or remotely, two different inputs or outputs.

    It has applications in National Roads, Camping Parks, Ports, Forest areas, Pharmacies, Doctor Offices and Clinics, Apartments for Rent, Offices, Parking Areas, Archaeological sites, Tourist information points, etc.

    Δικτυακή επικοινωνία (TCP/IP & VOIP)

    Voice image response

    The system allows calls to be made from the keypad and the user can answer, take a picture of the visitor in real time, start a conversation, open the door, even from remote locations via mobile or landline (VOIP).

    Access control

    Door opening with a password via a user-selected key sequence (e.g. from mobile, PC, VOIP devices).

    Camera Monitoring

    ZHeroIP CCTV function allows permanent (e.g. 8 hours continuously) real-time video signal monitoring from the keypad or other IP cameras.


    Buildings, Offices, Villas, Industry

    Ψηφιακό σύστημα 2 καλωδίων DUO SYSTEM

    Requires the use of only 2 non-polarized single cables for system operation.

    It has the ability to cover a large number of external and internal stations (keypads-screens-intercoms) even over long distances.

    It has the ability to connect to an IP gateway, which gives you the capability to manage the system remotely regardless of the internal station (monitor or telephone) used.

    It also enables connection to external cameras, fixed telephony and automation (command relays).

    Possibility to add Digital concierge.

    Setting up the GW2IP gateway

    Outdoor Stations – Keypads


    Agorà is the new sleek and sturdy boutonniere with a slim shape. This boutonniere class was designed to use a few standard elements and create flexible solutions. Wall mounting with a very low profile, so that it protrudes marginally from the wall.

    It is even narrower in width, with a color camera, a small lens and an anodized aluminum front. The name tag is illuminated in a light blue color so that it is visible even in low light.

    Agorà can be combined with all Farfisa monitors from analog to digital systems.


    The Profilo series is of modern design and very reliable.

    The units consist of aluminum plates and stainless steel buttons, while the namespaces are illuminated internally with green light.

    Thanks to the large optimization in the dimensions of each unit, they are particularly suitable for all systems in narrow spaces.

    The range includes single or double dial keys, keypads or access card readers and allows a large number of users to connect.

    Profilo is available for all FARFISA analog and digital systems.


    Strong construction, reliability and elegance are the key words for the modern anti-vandal system (boutonniere).

    The Matrix is designed to withstand external hazards and water ingress. Its technical characteristics guarantee a degree of protection of IP45 against solid objects and IK09 against shocks.

    The frames are available in glossy titanium color, combining elegance with longevity. Both the front panel and the keys are made of stainless steel. Tilt keys are illuminated with a green LED for better readability in low light conditions.

    Thanks to its design, video monitor and intercom boutonnieres can be created in a horizontal layout. The series is completed with cast aluminum frames and is available in both wall and recessed versions.

    The Matrix can be combined with all Farfisa systems even with the Duo with a digital keypad or conventional dialing mode (keys-buttons).


    ALBA combines simplicity and modern lines.

    The wide-angle lens allows it to clearly identify faces, even at a very close distance from the camera. It has double buttons to save space and an LED indication at the beginning of the conversation and the opening of the door.

    Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy, Alba stands out for its high-end design.

    The flexibility of assembly, combined with a body made of anodized aluminum with matte finish and degree of tightness IP55, give the feeling of durability and reliability in all weather conditions. The perfectly rational use of materials has led to the incorporation of hidden components, such as the hidden speaker in the camera mechanism and the microphone at the bottom, which is not visible.

    ALBA is a strong and sophisticated presence, which maintains an advanced technological heart, compatible with all Farfisa video intercoms and audio kits.


    SOLVO is a single, compact unit, measuring just 306 x 170 x 60 mm, sturdy and practical designed to serve even large homes and apartment buildings.

    This external boutonniere is both modern and reliable, and can serve up to 20,000 users without the need for additional accessories – the unit is powered directly by the BUS cable.

    The steel front panel is secured with TORX safety screws, the panel has buttons with backlight and LED indicators, while the camera is colored and has a wide angle lens.

    Searching for a user in the directory is quick and easy, with a password defined by the user. It has a direct report of the current input status from the monitor, the user data programming is done via PC / USB and it has a built-in multi-function relay.

    Ψηφιακό Κιτ PLUGGY

    Key Features:

    • From 1 to 4 calls
    • ALBA video station
    • 7” screen with graphical interface
    • Possibility to open a second door
    • Intercom
    • Up to 4 screens in the same call
    • Adjust volume, duration and ringtone