Is there a Smart Home that:

    • Controls all its components without restrictions (from light bulbs to kitchen appliances)?
    • Sets all functions for energy consumption, safety, comfort?
    • Operates remotely?
    • Uses existing wiring as a basis for information transfer?
    • Installation takes one day by your electrician?
    • Is easy to manage and extend?
    • Is affordable?

    GEYER’s collaboration with digitalSTROM …

    … creates the real “Smart Home”!

    What is a smart home?

    It is the set of automations, with which the functions of a house are grouped, organized and automated, according to the needs of each owner. This means that the same systems can be used for more than one use e.g. a switch can control the lighting of a room, while the same switch can open and close the shutters (e.g. double press).

    A key element of the smart home is the ability to manage the home remotely via mobile phone and the ability to automatically activate specific functions (eg by leaving the house to turn off all electricity, heating, shutters and the alarm is activated).

    What features does the GEYER-dS smart home include?

    The GEYER-dS System can automate all the functions of the house, as it makes all its devices ‘smart’ and can manage them from anywhere. The most common automation features are:
    A. Lighting Control
    The system can turn on, off and ‘dim’ all the lights in the
    house, freely creating all possible lighting scenarios, wherever you are.
    Β. Roller and Awning Control
    The System can raise and lower your roller shutters and awnings, individually or in groups with the push of a button, when you are at home or on your mobile phone when you are away from home.
    C. Heating and Cooling Control
    The System can regulate your heating and cooling remotely, not just as an on / off function but taking on all the adjustment functions that can control your air conditioner.
    D. Home Security
    The system can view home areas remotely and create panic conditions when needed. Common conditions of panic are the simultaneous switching on of all the lights, the raising of the shutters, the activation of the siren or the simulation of the existence of dogs in the house (aggressive barking of dogs). Activating panic conditions can also be done by pressing a switch when you are inside your home.
    E . Water Heater, Irrigation System, Electrical Appliance Control
    The System can turn on and off a number of electrical appliances and systems with the push of a button, when you are at home or on your mobile phone when you are away from home.

    How does the GEYER-dS smart home work?

    The basic philosophy of the System is to make all the appliances in the house ‘smart’, so that they can communicate digitally with each other and with a central control system, and this communication is done through the existing electrical wiring.

    To ensure communication, “micro-circuit breakers” are installed in the electrical panel of the house, which are in the form of common panel fuses and are connected to the panel fuses via common cables.

    These “micro-circuit breakers” are at the heart of the System because they distribute all the information in the System and are programmed through a local network connection to create various scenarios at home.

    The connection of our computer to the “micro-circuit breakers” is done via Ethernet cable and they are programmed to communicate via IP network address and give us the option to create different scenarios in a very simple application.

    Electrical Installation

    One of the main advantages of the GEYER-dS System is the ease with which it can be installed in an existing electrical installation. The installation concerns only the electrical panel, the ‘sockets’ of the devices that will become ‘smart’ and the replacement of the switches that give commands using just simple buttons.

    Α. Installation on the electrical panel

    The electrical components placed on the electrical panel (filters, meters and server) depend on the number of lines controlled by automatic fuses, the number of devices you want to make “smart” and the level of control you want to have, e.g. only locally or remotely. The circuit is installed only inside the panel using a simple bipolar cable. Existing current phase lines are used to transmit the signal outside the panel to smart devices.

    Β. Installation in sockets

    We install the “smart terminals” where the test devices are connected. After the installation is complete, we can make the devices ‘smart’ and control them from the panel via the “meter” located on the same phase line.

    C. Installation of switched interlocked sockets

    All control switches must be replaced by simple pushbutton switches without any other conditions. The buttons of the existing switched interlocked sockets are usually used for aesthetic reasons. If we want more functions than the button, such as lighting “scenarios”, we must install “smart terminals” in the box of this button.

    The system is smart for 3 main reasons:

    • Allows you to manage home functions using just the buttons on it.
    • Allows you to manage home operations from your computer; a standard network connection is required & gt; 512kbps.
    • Allows you to manage home operations from your smartphone.

    It is worth noting that any user can manage their home from anywhere of the world where they have internet access.

    This is because we have created suitable applications in our System for mobile phones that allow, through a user-friendly menu, to use your home functions as if you were there (eg turn on / off lights, shutters, TVs, etc.).

    This is achieved because by connecting your smartphone to the internet and by logging in to our application, a cloud server on the internet communicates with the ‘micro switches’ that you have at your home and executes your commands.

    Advantages of GEYER- dS system

    • No additional wiring required
    • No software installation or purchase required
    • No Wi-Fi required
    • No plug-in changes required for operation
    • The installation is done within 1-2 days by your electrician
    • It is easy to manage
    • It is scalable with the ability to control all the elements of the house (from light bulbs to home appliances)
    • Operates remotely
    • Affordable

    It has a great sense and it keeps evolving.

    You can decide for yourself at any time what you would like GEYER smart home to do for you.

    The dynamic field of your applications is almost unlimited: With GEYER smart home you are already ready for the future. As a GEYER-dS user, you will automatically receive regular updates and information about new features.

    So that you can simply enjoy the great feeling that with the GEYER-dS system, you are perfectly prepared for everything.