Industrial electric sockets - plugs

    Quality that you can count on: For 60 years, GEYER in cooperation with the Bals company, have been supplying the Greek and international market with secure electrical connections. The quality of industrial electric sockets-plugs is an essential aspect of our technological superiority, resulting in the acceptance of our products in a wide range of applications around the world. The “Made in Germany” mark corresponds to a quality standard that offers you optimal security.

    The production of standard industrial electric sockets – plugs is executed in accordance to IEC 309 1-2. We set new technical standards with innovations and innovative, partly patented solutions, such as MULTI-GRIP or QUICK-CONNECT.

    Quality does not allow any compromise. This has always been the highest principle of Bals. The production process of Bals products has been certified with ISO-9001. In all of its production plants, located in Germany, it ensures the well-known high quality of its products.

    Innovation is also an important aspect for Bals products. In this way, we always set new standards with smart solutions that offer the user unique privileges – such as MULTI-GRIP or QUICK-CONNECT technology without screws.

    Bals products offer industrial solutions from 16A to 250A for single-phase or three-phase circuits and installations. Through the innovative solutions of Quick Connect Series, we managed to reduce the installation costs and the periodic tightening retesting required by the industry.

    Over half a century of innovation and tradition.

    Bals is a global BRAND synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. It has been producing industrial sockets and plugs for the global market for over 60 years and it has its basis on the high quality of “Made in Germany” mark. Numerous certifications at home and abroad by international testing institutes as well as many utility models and patents document the high technical level of its products.


    Secures connection and time-saving

    Bals became the first company to introduce this innovation in 1998, which guarantees a secure electrical connection and time saving. The patented system, which has unrivaled advantages over the screw connection, quickly became a global industry standard. Bals is the only manufacturer in the world with a screw-free clamp connection for 63A plug devices. QUICK-CONNECT phase converters at 16A and 32A are also unique worldwide. With this system the maintenance of industrial connections becomes safe, controlled, fast and easy.

    With this system the maintenance of industrial connections becomes safe, controlled, fast and easy.


    The modern generation of electrical power distribution

    VARIA BOX panels meet all the requirements for a modern electricity distribution system.

    They are available in five different sizes. With the S, M, L, XL and XXL versions as fixed or mobile panels, you can always find the right distribution system for your needs.


    Solutions for tomorrow’s commute

    The future is electric – all car experts agree on that. Whether it is a pure electric vehicle or a hybrid model with a combination of electric motor and combustion engine, the alternative drive systems are clearly the future.

    The spread of electric vehicles requires a strong infrastructure of charging stations. Bals is a pioneer in this field. As an expert in electrical connection technology, it offers a complete range of components for setting up charging stations worldwide.


    The new generation of mobile electrical power distribution

    Rugged, easy to move and durable like no other distribution system. EVOBOX is the perfect solution for a mobile power supply panel in industry, construction sites and events. The portable distribution range is available in four sizes impress with high mechanical and thermal resistance. What’s more, the distributors are IP54 rated, available in easy-to-use dimensions and with the minimum weight.