The GEYER® Hellas Group was founded in Greece 40 years ago, as a subsidiary of the German GEYER AG. GEYER® Hellas is an industry that is involved in the production and marketing of Electrical and Electronic Material. Our company produces low voltage electrical equipment for indoor and outdoor applications. Its name has been identified with the high quality and big development goals , maintaining a dominant position in the Greek market. It has been recognized in the consciousness of the Greek consumer for the high quality products it has, but also for the impeccable technical support it provides to its customers. With a well-organized production and sales network, it is constantly expanding its activities, creating new, innovative products, always guided by quality and innovation.

    The Group’s headquarters are located in Drosia, Chalkidos, in privately owned facilities, covering an area of 20.000 sq.m. while the branch of Northern Greece is housed in Thessaloniki.

    GEYER® is following a steady upward trend, expanding its share in the Greek market year after year. According to the latest ICAP studies (Top 40 Sectors of the Greek Economy, 2018), GEYER® Hellas ranks among the 6 strongest companies (5 of which are multinational) in the field of electrical equipment in Greece and as the first Greek company in the industry



    In 1911 Christian GEYER founded in Nuremberg the company that bears his name to this day.


    In 1927 the GEYER factory dominated the city center, with a staff of over 1000 people.


    In 1928, GEYER presents at the Leipzig exhibition the first General Switch, which was a technological revolution of its time and was installed in millions of homes in Germany and around the world.


    In 1956 GEYER introduced automatic safety in the German market and created new data in the electrical network facilities worldwide.


    In 1978 the company transferred the production of Automatic Insurance and Distribution Panels to the subsidiary of GEYER HELLAS SA based in Chalkida. The production is done in a fully automated unit and with exports all over the world.


    In 1985 GEYER HELLAS expands its production activity in the manufacture of socket switches for home use.


    In 2001 the company creates a unit for the production of luminaires and lamps.


    In 2007 GEYER HELLAS becomes autonomous from GEYER AG and continues its course as a purely Greek company.


    In 2013 the company creates a design department of LED technology luminaires and in the same year presents the most powerful LED luminaire GU10 in the world with a power of 7 W and 730 Lumen based on a European patent.


    In 2015 GEYER HELLAS creates a department of Architectural and Municipal lighting studies as well as studies of Sports Facilities. Numerous projects have been implemented in Greece and abroad based on the specialized skills of the company in this field..


    2016 marks the company’s transition to Smart Technologies with global partnerships for Smart Home and Building Management Systems. Development of smart applications for schools, hotels, greenhouses, cold rooms, etc..


    In 2018 GEYER HELLAS enters the production of cables by creating a unit in Greece.


    In 2019 the company decides to invest in Electricity, concluding a strategic agreement with one of the leading German companies, ABL, and supplies Electric Car Charging Stations in the Greek market.


    In 2020, due to the global coronary pandemic, the company decides to invest in the Development of Lighting Technologies with UV-Radiation.


    In 2021, the company becomes the official distributor of Samsung Heat Pumps, adding them to its product range.


    GEYER®‘s strategy is summarized in the following objectives. Creation of a range of products that fully covers the field of electrical equipment for the Greek and International market. Production of specialized products in the field of electrical material, of excellent quality, under conditions of constant and strict quality control. Conducting continuous research to develop products that meet all the requirements of our customers. Focus on creating innovative products, able to meet a wide range of applications and needs, making the most of new technologies. Constant communication, efficient and immediate service of our partners. Ensuring the highest possible benefit for our consumer public and our partners, while maintaining the credible image of our company. Training and information of our partners, online as well as through organized seminars.


    Our vision is to be the first preference and choice of our customers. At GEYER® the goal and ambition has always been and is to provide products and services of the highest standards. For this purpose, we responsibly, immediately and consistently satisfy the needs of the market, while maintaining the reliability of our products, in every aspect of our business processes. Quality is the core of our visions and actions, always choosing high quality materials. The high quality of our products is also ensured by strict controls, which are carried out at all stages of the production process. We have an ISO 9001 quality system, which ensures excellent operation and performance at all stages of work from the design of a product, its development and production, to distribution and technical customer service. The primary goal of the company is the constant modernization in each sector, in order to ensure the continuous avant-garde and the satisfaction of the needs of each of its customers.


    The company combines the organized production and sales network with well-trained human resources. It has fully organized departments of Sales, Marketing, Imports – Exports, Technical Support, Quality Control as well as departments of Municipal and Architectural Lighting Studies. The training and continuous development of the staff are our important priorities. These elements are key advantages of the group, which continues consistently and responsibly to expand its activities.


    GEYER® Hellas Group produces and markets low voltage electrical equipment for indoor and outdoor applications, providing a wide range of products such as:

    Automatic fuses of all types, automatic circuit breakers, power distribution panels (metal, metalloplastic and plastic), industrial equipment, sockets of all types, LED lighting lamps for home, commercial and industrial applications, Intercom and CCTV systems, Smart Security wireless alarm system, Smart Home system, power cables, Photovoltaic Systems, Heat Pumps, Charging Stations for Electric Cars-Electric Drive, Pillars.


    Information and continuous vocational training is a prerequisite for achieving high goals and results. Adopting this philosophy, we organize seminars aimed at further training and specialization of our associates and our human resources. The specially designed seminar and training space, located in Chalkida, is ready to welcome you.


    Immediate and fast service is achieved thanks to the privately owned warehouses in Chalkida and Thessaloniki. The privately owned fleet of trucks and the experienced staff of the company GEYER® Hellas offers in the daily management of orders deliveries with speed, immediacy, consistency and responsibility.